1996 Topps Finest #344 BRIAN DAWKINS Rookie | HOF RC w/Coating | Eagles NM-MT

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Seller: real651 (2,551) 100%, Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 292789950237 HONESTY and INTEGRITY--TRUST in BIDDING/BUYING: Hello...Thank you for your interest and viewing of this Specific Listing. My (Matthew a/k/a real651) sincere intention is to provide you with an honest and accurate representation (see photographs) and description (see details noted herein) of this Specific Listing to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to Bid, Make an Offer or Buy and, if so, how much to Bid, Offer or Pay. Unlike some (and, hopefully, the very tiny-minority) Sellers who have something to hide; who do not want you to know the Real story; or those who (intentionally or not) only add to the mystery or uncertainty of what you are viewing, such as Sellers who post Poor; Blurry; Sketchy; or Unhelpful Photographs (which, to to say the least, is frustrating!), I (real651) Want You to Know the Real story--the Truth--even if that Truth is detrimental to a sale--because I believe this is not only the right thing to do, but the Smart Business thing to do! Conscious effort is made to provide Clear and Accurate photographs (often at multiple angles and up close to show ALL--Good, Bad or Indifferent) in all real651 Listings. Additionally, use of the real651 DEAL "L"-Ruler/Measurer © (TM) is often employed and shown in the photographs, especially for Vintage and High-End Beauties, wherein Measurements and Centering are often critical (and to at least one reputable 3rd Party Grader, the most important trait or Sub-Grade) to the overall Grade or Condition Assessment. How many Sellers mention Measurements or Centering, let alone actually Show You? With such uncertainty for many Raw cards that are regularly listed, such as Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan RCs, which are infamous for being trimmed, altered, fake, etc., I believe (as both a Buyer and Seller) that (when applicable) the ideal practice is to address the same via photographs and/or disclosure. In this regard, while I am human and make NO claim of being perfect, maintaining honesty and integrity as a Seller--and in the Selling process--is of the utmost importance to me (real651) and essential to earning your CONFIDENCE and TRUST in Bidding, Making an Offer and ultimately Buying. "Value," like Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. While I believe this Specific Listing is a Great purchase and/or a Valuable addition to any collection, you might disagree. Thus, please carefully review the photographs and the details provided herein and decide for yourself whether you agree with any real651 Assessment provided. Please View; Watch; Bid; and BUY with CONFIDENCE, as this is the real651 DEAL!! Please add real651 to your favorites list and revisit often, as newly listed Beauties will regularly be available for purchase via Auction and direct "Buy It Now," including but not limited to Vintage, Newer and In Between High-End Hockey; Baseball; Football and Basketball Cards and Collectibles, as well as:Rookie Cards (RC);Raw (Ungraded) Cards Fresh from Set, Box or Pack Breaks;Special, Short Printed (SP), Super Short Prints (SSP) and/or other Limited Edition and Parallel Cards (e.g., Serial Numbered, Xfractors, Refractors, Superfractors, etc.);Graded Cards from 3rd Party Professional Grading Companies, such as PSA, BGS, SGC and KSA;Autographs (AU)(Auto); Jerseys; Patches; Swatches; and other Relic Cards (e.g., Hockey Stick, Baseball Bat, Towel, etc.); andScarce, Random, and/or UniQue Collectibles and Other Items of Value. The Majority of real651 Auctions will have No Reserve and real651 is always open to inquiries and Offers on the Fixed (Buy It Now) and "Make an Offer" Items. I Thank You Kindly... ~Matthew (a/k/a real651) *SPECIFIC LISTING: Hello...Thank You for Your Interest in this Specific Listing, which is: Please Review Details Herein and All Photographs for the Exact Card(s) included. Please carefully review the additional details noted/disclosed herein (if any), as well as the photographs provided herein and use your own judgment for confirmation of or disagreement with any real651 Assessment of this Specific Listing. Unless otherwise evident or disclosed herein, the item(s) shown herein is the exact item(s) that you will receive if you are the One! *Condition-Related: Please Note that unless evident from the photographs or details herein, if I am aware of any listing having any stain (whether wax, food, gum, etc.) or other latent blemish/issue, this WILL BE SPECIFICALLY DISCLOSED IN THE LISTING. GRADING--CONDITION--VALUE--OPINION and ASSESSMENT: While I am NOT a professional grader--and also understand that one person's definition of "MINT" may (even reasonably) be another person's definition of "NEAR MINT"--my honest opinion, description and assessment of the condition of each Raw card is guided (not controlled) by the grading criteria (or general guidelines) that the "Pros" down south at Beckett (BGS and BVG) employ (see below), which is what I believe to be the toughest (and, thus, generally most "Technically" accurate...especially on my All-Time Favorite--and often spectacular work of ART--O-Pee-Chee (OPC) Cut Beauties) Grading Criteria/Standard in the collection industry. As a result, at least in part, I have been told that my "street grading" assessment with respect to "condition" or the likely grading score of a particular item is generally conservative. You may or may not agree, however, please know that my intention is to be as honest and accurate as I can with my opinion and assessment, which includes FULL DISCLOSURE of any flaw or condition that I am aware of and that is not expressly noted herein, apparent from the photographs and/or a part of the BGS/BVG definitions (see below) and grading criteria/guidelines that I use as a guide in expressing my opinion and real651 Assessment for each Specific Listing. The BOTTOM-LINE guide for my evaluation of each item is that I try to put myself in your shoes as a Buyer by asking: "Is that something that I would want to know?" Beckett (BGS & BVG) Grading Beckett Grading Service ("BGS") is a high-quality sports card grading service for cards ages 1981 to present. Beckett Grading Vintage Service ("BVG") is a high-quality sports card grading service for the special attention deserved for cards dated 1980 and before. Pristine 10 {Rarest--Extra Scarce for Pre-1990 Cards--Sky is the Limit with Respect to "Value"} Centering: 50/50 all around on front. 60/40 or better on back. Corners: Perfect to the naked eye and Mint under magnification. Edges: Perfect to the naked eye and virtually free of flaws under magnification. Surface: No print spots. Flawless color, devoid of registration or focus imperfections. Perfect gloss, devoid of scratches and metallic print lines. Gem Mint 9.5 {Very Rare/Scarce/Low Population for Most Graded Cards, especially Pre-1990 Cards} Centering: 50/50 one way, 55/45 the other on front. 60/40 or better on back. Corners: Mint to the naked eye, but slight imperfections allowed under magnification. Edges: Virtually Mint to the naked eye. A speck of wear is allowed under intense scrutiny. Surface: A few extremely minor print spots, detectable only under intense scrutiny. Deep color, devoid of registration or focus imperfections. Perfect gloss, devoid of scratches and metallic print lines. Mint 9 {Rarer/Scarcer/Lower Population for Most Graded Cards, especially Pre-1990 Cards} Centering: 55/45 both ways on front. 70/30 or better on back. Corners: Mint upon close inspection. A speck of wear is allowed under intense scrutiny. Edges: Virtually Mint to the naked eye. Unobtrusive specks of chipping on the borders are allowed. Surface: A handful of printing specks or one minor spot. Very minor focus or color imperfections. Clean gloss with one or two tiny scratches barely noticeable to the naked eye. One faint, unobtrusive metallic print line is allowed. Near Mint-Mint (NM-MT) 8 {Rarity/Scarcity/Population Varies Greatly Depending on Year/Set, etc.} Centering: 60/40 both ways or better on front. 80/20 or better on back. Corners: Sharp to the naked eye, but slight imperfections allowed under close examination. Edges: Relatively smooth borders. Specks of chipping visible to the naked eye are allowed. Surface: A few minor print spots. Very minor color or focus imperfections. Solid gloss with very minor scratches detectable only upon close inspection. Or a subtle metallic print line. Near Mint (NM) 7 {?Book Value? or Price Guide Condition/Grade Assumed or Used for Pricing Many Cards} Centering: 65/35 both ways or better on front. 90/10 or better on back. Very slight diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Very minor wear on two or three corners is allowed. Edges: Slight roughness, minor chipping or very minor notching is allowed. Surface: A few noticeable print spots or minor speckling is allowed. Minor color or focus imperfections. Very minor border discoloration. A very minor wax stain on back. Solid gloss with a few minor scratches detectable upon close inspection. A few metallic print lines. Excellent Mint (EX-MT) 6 {Significance Varies Greatly Depending on Year/Set, Modern vs. Vintage, etc.} Centering: 70/30 both ways or better on front. 95/5 or better on back. Slight diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Fuzzy corners, but free of dings and fraying. Edges: Moderate roughness, moderate chipping or minor notching is allowed. Surface: Noticeable print spots. Minor color or focus imperfections. Minor border discoloration and color or focus imperfections. Minor wax stains or extremely subtle ink marks. Relatively solid gloss with minor scratches, but devoid of scuffing. Noticeable metallic print lines. Excellent (EX) 5 {Significance Varies, but for some Older/Vintage Cards an EX (5 or 5.5) Grade may be viewed as being on the same level of a much higher graded Modern Card, e.g., a 7 or 8} Centering: 75/25 both ways or better on front. 95/5 or better on back. Slight diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Four fuzzy corners, a touch of notching or a minor ding is allowed. Edges: Noticeable roughness - but no layering. Very slight notching or noticeable chipping is allowed. Surface: Noticeable print spots. Minor color or focus imperfections. Minor border discoloration. Minor wax stains or very light ink mark. Some gloss lost from surface with minor scratches, but devoid of scuffing. Very Good/Excellent (VG-EX) 4 {Significance Varies Greatly Depending on Year/Set, Modern vs. Vintage, etc.} Centering: 80/20 both ways or better on front. 100/0 or better on back. Moderate diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Slight notching or layering, or moderate dings are allowed. Edges: Readily chipped or notched and/or slightly layered. Surface: Heavy print spots. Hairline creases. Moderate color or focus imperfections. Moderate border discoloration. Moderate wax stains. Very light ink mark or tape stain. A good deal of gloss lost from surface. Very minor scuffing or an extremely subtle tear in the form of a touch of broken surface paper. Very Good (VG) 3 {Significance Varies Greatly Depending on Year/Set, Modern vs. Vintage, etc.} Centering: 85/15 both ways or better on front. 100/0 or better on back. Moderate diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Slightly rounded or noticeably notched corners with slight layering is allowed. Edges: Heavy notching, moderate layering or heavy chipping is allowed. Surface: Heavy print spots. Very minor creases. Noticeable color or focus imperfections. Noticeable border discoloration. Noticeable wax stains. Light ink mark or tape stain. Very little surface gloss. Minor scuffing or a very minor tear. Good (G) 2 {Significance Varies} Centering: 90/10 both ways or better on front. 100/0 or offcut on back. Noticeable diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Noticeably rounded or heavily notched corners with moderate layering. Edges: Severely chipped, notched or layered. Surface: Severe print spots. Noticeable creases. Noticeable color or focus imperfections. Noticeable border discoloration. Heavy wax stains. Moderate ink mark or tape stain. A surface devoid of gloss. Noticeable scuffing or a noticeable tear. Poor (P) 1 {With the Exception of Some Vintage/Scarcer/Higher-End Cards, greatly reduces "Value"} Centering: 100/0 or off cut on front or back. Heavy diamond cutting is allowed. Corners: Heavily rounded or heavily notched with noticeable layering. Edges: Destructive chipping, notching or layering. Surface: Severe print spots. Heavy creases. Severe color or focus imperfections. Heavy border discoloration. Severe stains. No original gloss. Heavy scuffing or a severe tear. *NOTE: BGS/BVG provides final grades in half-point (.5) increments (i.e., 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5, etc.). Cards with a half-point increment (e.g., 8.5 NM-MT+) typically share characteristics from both the Grade level above (e.g., 9 Mint Centering) and the Grade level below (e.g., 8 NM-MT Corners) the actual grade given. **Per BGS/BVG, The foregoing are Not Rules, Only General Guidelines** Below are some basic AUTOGRAPH (AU) Grading standards. There are NO half-point grades, and the lowest grade is a 5. Beckett Autograph Grading Scale (5 through 10): 10 - A beautiful, boldly signed autograph that appears nearly perfect to the naked eye. Under normal viewing, it looks like an aesthetically- pleasing autograph. 9 - This is a signature that is also very pleasing, but has slight imperfections that barely detract from the autograph. Very light bubbling or micro scratching is allowable, but no yellowing, fading, or smearing. Positioning should be nearly perfect - with just the very tips of a letter or two cut off or hidden. 8 - At this level, some flaws begin to stand out slightly. Signature is still solid and pleasing, but might be somewhat bubbled throughout, or have areas of minor scuffing/scratching that detracts from the aesthetic beauty of the signature. Only lightly visible yellowing or fading or smearing is allowed. A cut signature may only have 10% of the signature hidden (or missing, when referring to a sticker autograph). Only a very small tip of the signature may run off or bleed onto the edge. 7 - Flaws are evident, including heavy bubbling throughout, noticeable scratching, minor but noticeable yellowing or fading, small but obvious portions of smeared ink. Up to 20% of a cut autograph may be hidden, or 20% of a sticker auto may be missing. A portion of the signature may run off the card or may bleed onto the edge. 6 - Heavy flaws are easily visible and highly distracting, including bubbling to the point of portions of the autograph being essentially invisible, extremely distracting scratching, yellowing or fading, or significantly smeared ink on multiple areas of the autograph. Up to 35% of a cut autograph/sticker may be hidden/missing. Several letters of the signature may run off the card, bleeding onto the edge or opposite side of the card. 5 - Very heavy flaws that highly distract from the autograph, including portions of the autograph being completely removed or invisible, catastrophic scratching throughout the entire autograph, extremely heavy yellowing, massive fading of the entire signature, smeared ink throughout the entire autograph. Over 50% of a cut autograph/sticker may be hidden/missing. SAFE and SECURE HANDLING, PACKAGING and SHIPPING: Please note that I (real651) am extra sensitive to the delicacy of valuable items and keenly aware of the importance of condition. As a Buyer, I want to receive what I am buying in the same condition that I purchased it in. Thus, as a Seller, I make every reasonable--and at times economically unwise--effort to ensure that every item is safely, securely and properly packed and shipped--no matter how small, large or valuable the item is. Unless otherwise agreed upon--or when I am away a few times a year--as soon as payment has cleared, I will make every reasonable effort to ship you your item(s) that same day or at worst the following business day. With respect to shipping costs (if applicable), I am not in the business of raking Buyers over the coals with shipping fees (and wish all items could be shipped for FREE, including those items shipped to my Canadian and Worldwide Friends!), but I do want your item(s) to get to you Safely and Quickly. If you have previously purchased an item from real651, then you know how safely and securely items are packed and shipped--whether it be a single item (e.g., one card) or multiple/larger items (e.g., a Set). I DO NOT SKIMP or Cut Corners on Handling and Packaging. Please see and review this Specific Listing's Shipping Policy and Handling Details. In addition, if you are the winning Bidder and Buyer of multiple items on the same day, I do combine (or reduce) shipping costs if I am able. *Please make sure to request an Invoice prior to making payment on multiple items--otherwise, I cannot undo/combine/reduce shipping costs, if applicable. RETURNS and REFUNDS: While real651 will honor all representations to your reasonable satisfaction with respect to all items you purchase, a refund* and a return (Buyer pays for shipping) is accepted only if: 1. You contact and notify me (real651) within thirty (30) days of receiving your item(s) of your concern or issue; 2. The item(s) you have purchased was inadvertently or unintentionally misrepresented* via title; description; photographs; email or telephone conversation and we are unable to resolve the issue to your complete satisfaction; and 3. The returned item(s) is received back within thirty (30) days of your receipt of it and in the same condition/value it was purchased and received by you. *With respect to Third (3rd) Party Professionally Graded or Certified items, please note that as stated above, I am not a professional grader and have no input with respect to any professional grade given. Thus, I rely on and trust the reputation and opinion of the 3rd Party Professional Grading Company. Just as non-professional "street" grade opinions differ, so do that of the various 3rd Party Graders. Any disagreement with a 3rd Party's grade is NOT a justifiable reason for a refund and return. As stated above, I work hard and make much effort to provide you with an honest and accurate representation and description of Each Specific Listing. However, this does not mean (and I am NOT) endorsing, guaranteeing or otherwise representing that the 3rd Party Professional grade given is "correct" or the type or level of grade that would be given by another 3rd Party Professional Grader. Any issue or disagreement should be addressed directly to the 3rd Party Professional Grader. I highly encourage all Bidders/Buyers and Collectors, especially those new or returning after a hiatus, to conduct your own research and come to you own conclusion with respect to the various 3rd Party Graders. I work very hard at and take great pride in Servicing and Selling with Honesty and Integrity--as well as maintaining a Top Rated-Perfect Seller Status by Earning Your 100% Positive Feedback. However, I am human and mistakes--albeit exceedingly rare and unintentional--can occur. Thus, in the event of a disagreement or issue, I respectfully ask you as the Buyer to afford me the same level of fairness that you would expect if you were the Seller under the same or similar circumstances. 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK--QUESTIONS/ISSUES/COMMENTS: Whether you are a greatly appreciated first-time Buyer--or a very valuable regular or repeat Buyer--I want you to know (and hope you feel) that I am 100% committed to making every reasonable effort to perform and provide you with the service and your purchased item(s) in a manner that at a minimum meets, but hopefully exceeds, your satisfaction. My intention and desire is to be in business successfully for the long haul, not merely overnight or for the thrill of one big sale! In this regard, please feel free to contact me (real651) with any and all questions, concerns and comments. I believe communication--real communication, which includes listening and responding in kind--is critical in providing accurate information and a prerequisite to resolving any misunderstanding or issue. Reputation--a Positive reputation--is vital to the survival and continued success of all Sellers. I am keenly aware of this reality and this is precisely why, in part, I place the utmost importance on Honesty and Integrity with respect to Servicing and Selling and ALL real651 Listings, which includes striving to do and give the best that I can. It is my intention and expectation to maintain a Positive rating and to earn your 100% Positive Feedback! In the rare and unlikely event that you reasonably believe that my (real651) integrity, honesty and/or service is not to your satisfaction, please contact me and know that I will make every reasonable effort to work with you, resolve all issues and fulfill your expectations. ****I THANK YOU KINDLY FOR YOUR INTEREST AND/OR YOUR PURCHASE**** Sincerely, ~Matthew (a/k/a real651) Condition: Very Good, Condition: ...If you have any questions, please message me. I thank you kindly...Matthew (a/k/a real651)..., Original/Reprint: Original, Era: Modern (1970-Now), Card Attributes: Rookie, Team: Philadelphia Eagles, Player: BRIAN DAWKINS, Modified Item: No, League: NFL

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